Poker and Its Story to Fame

About the Game

Poker is a card game, which involves skills, strategy, tactics and gambling. There are many variants of this indoor game and most of those games involve of placing bets. This game also involves the player’s focus and determination; how he plays the cards, which one of them he shows, which ones he hid. It is just not simple card game. In order to play a hand of poker one had to be an expert in card playing tactics. Different Poker game has different set of rules regarding the number of cards dealt, the number of cards that will be hidden and in the deck, even the betting procedure are different for Poker Online Indonesia.

A Brief History

Game historians agree that the Chinese game of Dominos have influenced the game of poker a lot. Around the time period of 969 CE, this game was invented. The Emperor Mutsung and his wife were celebrating New Year when they played this game which had many resemblances with the modern day Poker. The closest similarity Poker bore with any other card game was with the French card game called ‘Poque’, it originated from Primero. When the French came to Canada as Colonists, along came Poque, which was like their national game. And from that point onwards, this game started being famous amongst the new world population and developing an affinity towards the game which started to gain its popularity along the Mississippi, in New Orleans. Later on there had been several new rules and modification done till now to make the game more exciting.

Poker Online Indonesia

These days poker has received a tremendous popularity. There is not a single person in this world that has not played Poker Online Indonesia once in their life at least.  Some play it by being present in the location some play it online.  There are many variations. Some of them are:

  1. Straight
  2. Stud Poker
  3. Draw Poker
  4. Community Card Poker

Looking at the demand, many online gaming portals have come up with Poker playing Online. This has allowed all the card enthusiasts to play Poker from anywhere and everywhere.  Indonesia has a huge population and even with the huge tourist traffic along with the localities, Indonesia has maintained a strict set of rules for Poker playing.  There is lot of websites where you can play poker. They also provide guide lines and rules for the first timers.


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