A look back at sports betting

Sports betting has been a part of human culture since ancient times. Even though it often led to people losing their money in them, sports betting continued through ancient times to modern day online betting. Today there are so many sports betting websites like logiclub that it is hard to make an estimate. Half of these websites turn out to be scams.

In the beginning, bets were simple. Spectators would make a bet amongst themselves on who will win and who will lose. However, as days passed, sports betting became more advanced and complicated types of betting came into existence. In ancient times, people bet on anything and everything, it was not specific to games. However, sports arena was a favorite venue for placing bets.


Since often, conflicts would arise due to bets, the need for an intermediary rose who would be neutral to both sides and act as a go-between. This man was later known as a bookmaker. Reportedly, horse racing was the first venue for professional betting. In the 19th century bookmakers officially started their operations in England and controlled the bets and payout making profit in the process.

Later devices that calculated odds called totalizators came into existence. The more people bet on the winner the less money was distributed. With the passage of time, people started looking for more variety and various types of sports betting were invented. Pari-mutuel betting was invented to remove the need for a bookmaker. Many countries adopted this system and made it a legal form of betting, especially in the US.

In the second half of 20th century, sports betting on almost all sports became popular and bookmakers started gaining lots of profits. Sports like football, boxing and racing became favorite venues for betting.

With the Internet becoming a popular source of entertainment and connection, betting slowly crept into the digital world. Bookmakers started to operate online and used the world wide web to facilitate people to make their bets. Slowly from being a small endeavor, sports betting online like at logiclub spread like fire and became very popular.

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