Use Online Poker Tools to Help Win Online Poker

At a time when a computer program can satisfy almost any desire, from entertainment to investing, schooling and even working for some, it is inevitable that someone will create a program to solve any problem. Online games are no different, as many poker programs increase your ability to win in online poker.

However, the question arises: do online poker tools really work, or is it just an exaggeration of marketing?

Most online poker tools claim that they can predict cards based on a random number generator (RNG) used in online poker domino88 rooms. The reality is that trying to predict the cards that will come out is almost impossible if you do not know the starting number and sequence of decks assigned by the software of the poker room.

To explain in more detail, there is a minimum probability of 4.92 million deck combinations that can be stored in a 32-bit processor. When a site uses an RNG, it must first have a starting number (starting point) in order to choose the sequence of use of the hammer. As soon as the number of the initial number is determined, the program uses the platform sequence stored at this point in memory. This process is similar to shuffling in a live game.

The difficulty in determining the outcome of the RNG drawing is that if you do not know the starting number (which, by the way, can constantly change), it is almost impossible to predict the deck sequence and the result of the cards.

However, there are other methods of using software for online poker tools that are not based on RNGs and are more accurate and reliable than the assumptions, estimates and assumptions that many less desirable programs rely on. The method of determining the result of the draw and manipulating the software uses internal algorithms that implement online poker sites to create a fair game. Several routines and algorithms written in poker software can be easily managed if the shortcomings of the program itself are known.


Believing that it is possible to determine the outcome of hands based solely on the RNG is nothing more than a fantasy. If someone really wants to decipher the software, he certainly needs to know the additional algorithms and routines that use online poker sites. Many online poker programs do not solve this problem, and this explains why these programs do not work.

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