Qq Poker Online Android: The Greatest Trend Of The 21st Century

Gambling, betting, wagering or a game of chance has been around since nearly time immemorial. This risk-laden activity has provided its players with the coveted thrill of the chase over hundreds of years.From being played in smoky taverns or over evening tea in sophisticated societies to being played in glitzy casinos in upscale areas, it has come a long way. From being played manually over boards to being played through terminals and now websites, the player experience has only gotten better. Also, qq poker online android has also been made available in the form of various mobile apps. With a good internet connection and a website or app at hand,it allows players to play with ease, facilitated as it is by e-payment options, bonuses, and other perks.


  • Online gambling has been in existence since the internet came into being in the mid-90s
  • By the late90s, it became famous in several countries
  • Just before the commencement of the 20th century, there were hundreds of companies operating worldwide and earning huge turnovers through it every year

Qq Poker Online Indonesia

Traditional v/s qq poker online android

Here are some points of difference between the traditional and qq poker online android:

  • Ease of access- it has the required ease of access which makes it popular with the betting community, whereas, traditional gambling is available at its designated place only
  • Safe transactions- the safety of transactions is ensured in the online form of gambling through regulated payment mechanisms while it is not so in traditional gambling
  • Wider reach- it is more thrilling to some as it allows players to play with anyone in the world as against the traditional form which is confined to players in a room only

Games available onqq poker online android

With the advent of online gambling, especially qq poker online android, traditional betting has evolved into its more improved forms. A few forms like domino QQ, internet casinos, and online slots are some of the famous and the most played games by the Android users.

Online gambling is a very promising business activity, with turnovers reaching in billions each year. Its market has grown in recent years with new entrants, mostly youth, playing it in the guise of mobile games.With its properties of easy access and skirting the law, this form of gambling has taken a major chunk off the traditional gambling market and is likely to increase its share in the future.

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