Online poker is something everyday

One of the main reasons why poker has become as popular as television is television. Everyone can watch TV, and people do it a lot! A few years ago they started to broadcast big poker tournaments. Some poker players were not happy with this because they had to show the cards they had in front of a small camera so that the spectators could see how it was played.

Nowadays, professional DominoQQ players are used to showing which small spy cameras that are installed at the poker tables they have in their hands, and most of them are not worried about someone spying when they are bluffing or when they have a strong attacker.

Played by gang members

Poker has a reputation for being played by gang members, and the money they played for was illegal, but it is far from poker, as you know today. Poker is controlled by reliable legal companies that have a good reputation among players and governments. Nowadays, there are still many players who play face to face only in the casino, because they like to read the stories of their opponents, an important part of the game of poker, and this is impossible in any of the biggest poker sites, and nothing happens. noting that in the future it will be part of the online poker experience. The closest thing you have is a three-dimensional world, which you’ll find at PKR Poker, but, frankly, you can not read any of the three-dimensional figures.


Most poker rooms do not have 3D avatars, like PKR, they have normal avatars. Some may say it’s a little boring, but judging by the numbers, online poker players do not care if they can move with their avatars or not. The most popular poker site allows you to load only small images that you can charge to your account. Yes, this is PokerStars. PokerStars is officially the most visited poker room on the Internet, as well as the main sponsor of the EPT.

The future is still bright for the online poker business.

More and more players are visiting the poker rooms and more and more tournaments are being held. For example when you play poker on PokerStars, you can also qualify to participate in the main real life tournaments, like the EPT, for only a few dollars, or if you are lucky and, of course, you have the skills, you can qualify for the free tournament, but you need a couple of satellite tournaments in a row.

If, in spite of everything, you finish the free tournaments and you are eligible to participate in the EPT tournament, in fact you are close to being a PokerStars sponsor. Nowadays, professional poker players subscribe to the most important poker rooms and must wear clothing with a logo.

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