What is poker and how is it played?

Are you passionate and have you decided to try new things? Or have you never been a fan of the cards and your curiosity has stung you?Be for whatever reason, welcome. The poker besides being a fun game, involve thinking and follow a strategy and also, of course, you can make money if you know how to play your cards well.We suggest you play both with your friends at home and online. In poker, as in most subjects, you learn by practicing. Click here for sbobetasia login. 

Poker by definition 

Before entering the subject, it is important that you know the basic terms and the types of moves that exist in poker.

Poker is a card game in which players, with all or part of their hidden cards, make bets based on an initial bid. At the end of the game, the player or players with the best combination of cards wins the total sum of the bets placed.Sometimes, it may not be the best hand that wins the pot, but this will only happen if through the bets made the rest of the players of the table have been forced to retire.Visit this site for sbobetmobile.

The hands of poker 

From higher to lower value, these are the combinations of cards or hands you can make in poker:

-Royal flush

-Straight flush


-High card

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Game rules 

The objective of Texas Hold’em is to form the best combination of cards possible.

The game follows the clockwise direction. Once the bets are made, two covered cards are dealt to each player of the table and then 5 uncovered cards are shown:

– The first three cards form the flop.

– The fourth card forms the river.

– The fifth letter forms the turn.

Betting structure 

Through 4 rounds of betting, each player must form the best combination of 5 possible cards . For this combination, players can use both their covered cards, as well as the five community cards.The four betting rounds are:

Reflop : Each player bets knowing only the value of their two tapas cards, and none of the community cards.

Flop: Bets are placed after having shown the first three community cards.

River: Bets are made after showing the fourth community card.

Turn: With the last community card the last round of betting takes place.

The time to bet 

In each betting round there is a big blind and a small blind . The big one is worth the double of the small one, and if the rest of the players of the table want to participate in the round, it will have to at least equal the bet of the big blind.

Blinds exist to motivate players to play. If there are chips on the table, someone will want to win them. Otherwise, players would only participate when they had the best hands, and the game would have much less emotion.

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