Clearing Poker Bonuses

Poker bonuses are available in all online poker rooms. They come in many forms, such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, friend referral bonuses, etc. The most common poker bonus is a deposit bonus when a certain percentage of your first deposit in a poker room is added to the amount you have paid. Now it is not always so simple. Most of the poker bonuses available online are not added to your poker account immediately after making your first deposit. Most poker rooms require that you meet certain conditions to receive extra money and play or withdraw them.

This article will help you explain these conditions and how to successfully obtain all your poker bonuses.

Step 1: Choose your poker room carefully

First of all, before registering in a poker room and making a deposit, read what the conditions to bet your poker bonus are. Most poker rooms require you to play a certain amount of hands on commission before you can get your bonus. Others give you a bonus in the form of increments, like $ 10 for every 50 hands with commission you play, etc.

Some poker rooms have poker point systems. Here you get points for the amount of hands you played, the bets you play, the amount of time you spend at the table and how many tournaments you play. Many sites (but not all) allow you to score points / bet your bonus when you play in tournaments. This is a great way to release your bonus faster, since you generally get more points for a tournament game and you don’t risk losing as much as in a normal game.

Step 2: Do not exceed your level

It can be tempting to try to reset the bonus amount as quickly as possible by playing higher bets, collecting more poker points and, therefore, getting your poker bonus faster. Increase the limits only when you have experience and funds for this. If you increase the limits before you are ready, you will most likely lose your full deposit before approaching the bonus money collection.

Stay at the limit where you feel comfortable, forget about trying to calculate your bonus and focus on playing DOMINO ONLINE. If you always think about canceling the bonus, this will definitely affect your game at the poker tables.


Once you have collected your poker bonus, use it wisely. Think of it as the money you just deposited in your bank account earned with such effort. Don’t think it’s a waste of free money you earned. If you do this, you will most likely lose it by making hasty calls that you generally do not.

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