The Free Money in Poker

There are many free offers of poker money on the Internet, and people often wonder if they really are “free.” Internet users became familiar with the “free” offers, which turn out not to be free at all. So what is the offer of free poker money?

The truth is that some are real and others are not.

Some free poker offers mean that if you make a deposit of, for example, $ 100, you will be given a bonus for a certain percentage of this amount. A 100% deposit bonus means in this case a bonus amount of $ 100. So, is this $ 100 free money? You can’t just take the bonus money and collect it, it would be really free! This bonus will be associated with the wagering requirements. You will have to play a certain number of poker hands in the DominoQQ before receiving the bonus money. However, this is really something for nothing.

There is another type of free money offer that is actually free. This is a bonus offer without deposit. They may be weird, but they are there. They can be divided into two different types; The first type is when the poker room gives you money, and the second type when the third person organizes money for you.


The first type, where the poker room gives money, is the more direct of the two. The new player registers a new account in the poker room and then receives free money in his account. These offers are generally for small amounts, around $ 10, although they may be less. The second type of offer, in which a third party participates, is most often called a free poker bankroll.

Free fund offers are a bit more complicated, but they can cost much more, around $ 50 is fine. The difficult part is that you will generally have to register two accounts; the first is with a free bankrolls provider, and the second is a real poker account through the bankroll provider site. This is a little extra work, but then you get the free money. And yes, it is actually free, although, of course, the rate requirements will be attached.


These fund providers can offer this service because they know that when you play the wagering requirements related to free money, you will generate a rake and receive a percentage of this rake. In general, everyone should be satisfied: the fund provider receives his commission, the poker room receives the customer and the player receives free money.

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