At the Beginning

Since the advent of Online Gambling, people who were never interested in gambling per se have become enthusiasts. House wives who rarely if ever venture outdoors, except perhaps to visit in-laws and family friends, and certainly not to Casinos or other avenues for gambling, are now regular enthusiasts. While conservatives are fuming, and planning to have all online gambling made illegal and banned, liberals who value individual freedom are laughing up their sleeves. Card games are anyway the most popular of all gambling vehicles. Starting with mid European background, card games have been adopted by China and the South East Asian countries, especially Indonesia, to produce a peach of a game enjoyed by just about everyone. While the betting and deposits can vary completely, Bandar Ceme Online can suit every player’s pocket and interest, with exciting results.

The Simple Rules

This is a Game loved by all gamblers and card players, but it is specially enjoyed by the Beginners to the game. This is due to the sheer simplicity of the approach. This game can be played online by two to eight players, where none needs to be in close contact with each other unlike the traditional version. The central concept is Bookie Gambling. Any one of the players participating must agree to act as a Bookie or a Dealer. The Bookie is entrusted with collection of deposits and bets, and has to also deal. There are five types of bets, with the betting table having a choice of smallest, small, medium, big table and VIP Table.

The Dealer will deal two cards to each player, including himself. The game is commenced with an initial deposit for the Pot. Bets can be placed before and after each card is separately dealt. The number of points in the two cards dealt to each player is counted, and each player will be separately pitted against the points held by the Dealer.  If the individual player holds higher points than the Dealer, he or she wins, and is paid according to the bet already laid. Bets cannot be altered once set. Permainan Domino operates with simple rules, but requires considerable skill and attitude. Intelligence is the key. This makes it one of the most loved card-gambling games ever played Online, and also easily one of the most profitable gambling games on the Internet.

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