Best Poker Training Sites You Should Visit

There are many poker training sites you could take advantage of. Especially if you are serious about learning the best poker strategies. You can also increase the probability of your success. These sites let players learn which were the better poker hands to play. Also, the odds and probabilities every player should know. They also help players to become acquainted with advanced concepts. These include position importance and table dynamics. As well as image and player types. Try the following sites if you want to become a full-time, professional poker player.

Upswing Poker

This is one of the newer poker training sites. It is gaining a lot of attention because of the high profile of its founder, Doug Polk. The site provides eight preflop raise charts. The aim of these charts is to improve starting hand selection and strategy. The site also gives a list of 20 poker rules not everyone knows about. As well as a list of 20 rules for playing flush draws. All these at no cost. You can also have their Postflop Game Plan for a discounted price of $7. It uses videos to help players learn how to categorize poker hands to make a profit. 

Playing Poker

Run It Once

This coaching site of Phil Galfond has been up and running since 2012. The site’s founder describes it as the world’s leading poker strategy community. You can have full access to the site’s strategy forum once you register an account. Members post hand histories, discuss concepts and theories, and talk everything about poker. As a member, you can also check out their Elite Videos for free. The site offers an expansive library of videos.

Red Chip Poker

This site started in 2013. It offers various instructions in both cash games and tournaments. For $50 a month, you can have access to hundreds of training videos made by different coaches. There is new content every week. This membership also includes unlimited access to the site’s Crash Courses. As well as the CORE Poker Course. The CORE Poker Course is a unique and inexpensive way for you to try out the site. It includes over a hundred lessons. It covers everything from basic building blocks to advanced concepts. These lessons vary in length. CORE contains around 75 hours worth of study and costs about $5 per week. There is also a lot of free content available at Red Chip Poker. Such as videos, podcasts, and articles.

There is a multitude of online options for Daftar Poker Online players who want to up their games. You can visit the sites mentioned above to review fundamentals or learn a few tips.

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