Reasons Why People Gamble Continuously

It is easy to think that it is difficult for those of us who are not ready to argue to enter the mentality of those who do this. We present smoking rooms where you can win or lose good fortune at the moment when the dealer hits you on the wrist. To most of us, this seems strange. But in reality, we all rely on everyday situations in which the stakes are much higher than the stakes on the card turn.

We could get a new job somewhere, get out of the house or let in a red light.

We deceive ourselves that this is a rational choice, but in many ways we are subject to the whims of fate, which are much more complicated than simple gambling such Piala88. Our new job could see that we are working with people we don’t like. We could be out of our depths in a new environment. Perhaps a sensible interview manager turns out to be a cannibal for someone who really works. A company may go bankrupt within a few weeks after joining. None of this can be quantified, and yet they can have a much more devastating effect on our lives than just getting $ 50 in a card hand.

Playing Casino Games

When the momentum of a game in this scenario becomes problematic, it is that goals that seem so clear from the start can quickly overcome their situation. The confirmation bias means that we are likely to throw good money for bad money in order to try to “return” to the winning situation. Most real-life situations do not have the same confidence in total loss. Terrible work can be offset by a good salary. A terrible boss can really lead us to prove that he is wrong. If the company as a whole flourishes, everyone receives a large share of new wealth without loss.

Perhaps this is the biggest difference between “betting” in terms of games and betting on life. Games are held in a short time, and you know that your fate can be decided in a few hours. In most life situations, events unfold much more slowly. So slow that we don’t even realize the results. Unhappiness can appear so slowly that we will not recognize him for years.


On the contrary, a bet in the sense of a game compresses this sequence of events in a few moments. This wave of condensed danger increases feelings, sharpen our understanding of what is at stake, and releases a complex set of emotional and physiological reactions that can be deeply, deeply convincing.

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