The all Rounded Poker Tournament

Players will meet each other. A player is forced to leave the tournament when he runs out of a stack of chips. Understanding the strategy of poker tournaments at the beginning of the game is a good lesson to understand poker strategy in general. Basically, understanding strategies means understanding when you can allow yourself to sit and relax, and when you need to be a very aggressive player who catches small fish one by one.

At the first stage of the tournament, each player has the same number of chips.

This means that one does not have advantages or disadvantages in relation to other players. The first phase of the tournament is the moment when the player must sit down and wait for good hands. There is no reason to be too aggressive when someone is not particularly late in terms of the number of chips he has. The first stage will also shock those players whose style is too risky for the tournament. Let them be eliminated and make reasonable bets.

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When the second phase of the tournament comes, it is time to determine whether you need to become aggressive or need to sit and let other players decide their own destiny. If he has many stacks, he will surely become a more aggressive player to replenish his funds. Since the final phase of the tournament and the success of the players that go so far will largely depend on the number of chips that they bring to the table, you need to be sure that their stack will not be short when they reach this phase.

At the intermediate stage of the game, be sure to adapt your situs judi online tournament strategy to the strategy of the players you encounter. If the players are too aggressive, back out. Let them hang themselves. If the players are too careful, start picking the shortest batteries on the table and throw them one after the other. Especially if you have a lot of things in this phase of the tournament, it is time to become aggressive in order to reduce the playing field to those who really belong to the final stage.


The final stage of the tournament will be the moment when the palms of your hands begin to sweat, when your heart starts to beat and when you come across an ugly spectrum of whether they really correspond to the task of the game against those players who have got here. It will also be the point where the poker strategy tournaments is the most important and where you need to keep your head above all other things.

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