Etiquette Required when playing Casino Blackjack

If you spent some time practicing your blackjack skills online or at home and want to test your skills at a local casino, there are certain protocols that you must follow to keep the game going. After reading this article, you will know exactly what these procedures are. When you play blackjack online or even at home, you do not deal with a large number of people with whom you have to deal in a casino. This may seem a little overwhelming at first, but if you follow some simple rules, it can make your task a lot easier.

The first thing to remember is when you come to the table of your choice, withdraw the money that you want to convert into chips and put it on the table. The dealer will not change your money until the end of the current round, so you may have to wait a bit. Once you start playing and betting, keep your hands away from your chips. Breaking this rule is a good way to get kicked out of the 먹튀. Also, be sure to keep your cards in front of the dealer for the same reason.

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If your cards were dealt face down, scrape cards onto yourself if you want to hit. When you want to stop, insert your cards under the chips in your betting field. Do not touch or pick up chips. On the contrary, if your cards were dealt face up, point your index finger towards the cards if you want to hit. If you want to get up, move your hand onto the cards.

If you want to double, turn your cards over and place a bet equal to your original bet next to the stack of chips of the previous bet. You will receive an open card, like your double card. If you want to split the pair, flip the cards and place a bet equal to the sum of the initial bet on the split card. Now you will play each card as a separate hand.


If you hit and break your hand, immediately turn it over so that the dealer can take out your cards and chips. If you need to receive blackjack, turn it over immediately so that the dealer can pay you and collect your cards. If your cards are dealt face down, let the dealer deal them after they have played their hand in the match. Do not do it yourself.

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