Features of gambling

Gambling, whether legal or illegal, is dangerous because it is gambling, but addicted people have similar characteristics.

I believe that the first beginner’s luck is his skill. Everyone knows that gambling is dangerous. But I just wanted to try it, and by chance, I bet and make money to see the world differently. It is easy to make money like this, but I think he has lived through hardships so far. From then on, everything is set aside for gambling.

A second Martingale bet attempts to recover the lost principal. If you’re a gambling man sa demo , you’ve probably heard of Martingale betting. Win 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. twice the amount you lost on your next game to recover your principal and gain some profit. Someone on the Internet told me that he had found a betting method to improve the principal back at the casino. To make a Martingale bet, you must be prepared for the next round or prepare twice as much money as you have lost.

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Opening the third mouth is a lie. But you need money to sit on the gambling board, but you have already used all your savings, deposits, and loans. Ask him to lend you a rush. The problem is that these people borrow money from a variety of excuses. They may not be contacted or have other excuses on the date of repayment of the debt and postpone the repayment of the debt or require additional borrowing that the work is wrong.

I know everything will be solved with the fourth hot spring. When talking about a game of aggression, it is said to be debauchery. It would be great if everything was solved at once, but the reality is not. Why did a gambling addict lose money? After losing money and trying to recover it again, I lost more money. After trying to get a bath, he is still mistaken that he can solve all debt problems with a bath.

The fifth coincidence of the recovery of the principal does not repay the debt. If you borrow money from place to place, you will bet again without paying off your debt. I’ve done so much, so I bet next time. The problem is forgetting all the money you earned while betting big money.

Try to recover the money lost by the sixth gambling. Anyone who has lost money at a casino knows how to make up for it with a private Toto. In particular, youth gambling is serious, and private Totoro loses the money lost by gambling that results in a ladder. You can succeed once or twice, but you will eventually lose everything.

Bet uncontrolled seventh anger. The master loses less until a win is in his favor, and he bets in earnest when he sees the game. If you lose, you’re angry and make a big bet again. But the result is the worst.

Comfort the eighth person based on how much money they have lost. Money is lost, no matter how much you lose. However, if another person who gambled at the same time lost 100 million and lost 20 million won, he continues to bet, comforting himself that he has not lost much.

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