There are moments when you need to know when to give up. The saying, “Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win a war,” rings true. It is also applicable in the game of Poker. Folding your hand in this game means you are laying down your cards, and you stop playing. It implies acceptance of your fate, and you agree that you already have no chance of winning that hand. You give up on the possibility of claiming the pot when you fold your hand. You will not be able to check or raise once you have decided to fold during your turn.

When to fold

You can fold at any point in the play during your turn. You are not allowed to fold as soon as you have seen the cards dealt for the hand. A player can only fold during his or her turn. Wait for the other players ahead of you to fold, call, or raise. Folding a hand even when it is not your turn yet is disrespectful.

How to fold

When you fold your hand, make sure you place the cards face down so others will not be able to see what cards you have. Knowing what cards you have can affect their decision of calling, raising, or folding. Slide the cards forward enough so the dealer can rake them into the muck pile with ease. It is okay to say, “Fold,” or “I fold,” before you discard your cards face down. Keep in mind that you cannot change your mind once you have indicated a desire to Galexy

It is not ideal to fold if you have the option to check. You usually fold if there is a raise and check after the flop, turn, or river. You put cards facing down when you fold your hand. But, there are times when a player exposes one or both cards to show that he or she has made a hero fold. It happens when you fold on the final play of the hand, usually after the dealer distributes the river cards. Your opponents should have made all the plays they can make.

Let us have an example. You only have one opponent left, and he or she goes all-in. You realize that you are about to lose the hand so you would like to fold. You can turn over your cards when you fold if you are holding a decent hand. It will let other players and spectators see what you had. The dealer will not reprimand you for doing so. That is because you are not giving out information to a player who still has his or her turn.

You cannot play and gain any profit at every hand in PokerGalaxy. It is common for players to fold their hands when they are still in the learning process. They save themselves from experiencing a more significant loss when they do so.

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